Fostering priestly vocations in the Diocese of Lancaster, England.

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Welcome to the Diocese of Lancaster Priestly Vocations Website. Each of us has been created by God with a purpose in mind. To discover that purpose and to live by it is the key to true and lasting happiness. I pray that this website may serve those seeking the Fathers’ will in their life by discerning their vocation. This website is designed to provide support and resources for discerning a vocation to the priesthood. If you think you might be called to be a priest, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you discover God's will for you, whatever that may be. Please pray for an increase in priestly vocations especially in this Year of Priestly Vocations here in the Diocese of Lancaster. We need priests so that God's people may always know His presence in the sacraments.
Fr. Darren Carden, Vocations Director

Bishops message for the launch of the Year of Priestly Vocations


Promoting and supporting a culture of priestly vocations is the responsibility of everyone in our Diocese and therefore needs to be a priority for us all. Consequently, a Year of Priestly Vocations in our Diocese will be launched on Home Mission Sunday. The main focus for parishes in promoting priestly vocation will be prayer. During this Year of Priestly Vocations each parish has been requested to hold a holy hour each week to pray for an increase in priestly vocations in our Diocese. I ask you to be faithful to this prayer initiative and to express our unity as a Diocese by being fully involved – every parish in every deanery across the entire Diocese. The Vocations Director Father Darren Carden will be, at the same time, systematically visiting all of our diocesan secondary schools in the coming year promoting priestly vocation in various practical ways.

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Lord God, provider of all our needs, we, your faithful people of the Diocese of Lancaster, ask you to send labourers into your harvest, to give us holy and zealous priests after your own heart. Grant courage to those you are calling to the priesthood to respond to your call, and continue to guide those who are discerning their vocation. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 




Vocations Service

We exist to help those who feel they may be called to the priesthood. We offer support and confidential advice, the possibility of meeting with others who feel called, guidance and encouragement as you try to discern your vocation. Contacting us does not mean that your mind is already made up! We are here to help you think through God’s plan for you.


Priests bring Christ to the world in a unique way. Called by Him, they try to be living signs of His presence.

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